Testing the Brydge Pro keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 (Black Friday deal). It’s amazing so far! This and a new wireless mouse takes the iPad to a whole new level.

My leaf helper.

The Mandalorian is an epic win!

The Giants need to go back to these 80’s helmets.

Adam Gase shouldn’t be allowed on the plane back to NY.

Taking one last look sir… at my friends


Daniel Jones > Dwayne Haskins.

Daniel Jones!!!! 🏈

The Eli Manning era is over. They finallly hand the ball to Daniel Jones.

I love Eli Manning. But it’s time that the NY Giants franchise start building for the future. Start Daniel Jones. #rebuild

Apple Arcade is here.

It is absolutely imperative that Daniel Jones starts for the N.Y. Giants. This is a bad team with no shot of making the playoffs. Let the rookie get playing experience for next year. 🏈

Down 95lbs. 💪

Went with iPhone 11 Pro, 256 GB, Silver.

I’m in the iPhone Upgrade program and have the iPhone XS Max. Seriously considering only upgrading to the 11 and skipping the Pro’s.

Let’s go Giants!!! TD!!! 🏈

Time for some NFL Redzone goodness!